Adding interest to your outfit

Adding interest to your outfit:

The eye loves layers,it adds an element of interest. For example, let’s use interior design as an example. Picture a blank wall with one little picture on the wall. It’s so boring and uninteresting to the eye. Now imagine adding a side table, vase, flowers, a couple more photos. Now it looks better, right?You just layered your wall.

Now, let’s take that example to fashion. Imagine your blank wall as a plain T-shirt and jeans, Then add a necklace, earrings, maybe a blazer, belt and crossbody. You’ve layered your outfit just like you did the wall. Your outfit, just like your wall, is more interesting.

An artist who is painting adds layers and layers before getting the right color, depth and/or texture. Fashion is a form of art and the next outfit you style think of it as an artist’s canvas and start painting ! You will begin to notice that layering your clothes will create a chic, sophisticated look for you. Layering is also a great way for a person to be ready for any range of temperatures without having to change an outfit completely. Doing this properly can sometimes seem an overwhelming task for some. However, with a little knowledge and practice, you can learn to layer your clothes like a pro.

Here are some examples of great items to have in your closet so your layering and accessories will create that perfect piece of walking art, YOU !!!!!

First let’s get a basic (canvas)

out fit Down : white shirt and skinny jeans then we can add on that concept :

So now let’s add jewelry hoop or stud earrings are both classic and staple

Don’t forget the stack bracelet’s ! Any combo works but it’s better to have a group of three

Watch and two bracelet’s or three brackets same style or mix and match

Belts just give the eye another layer of interest and defined structure to the waist or hips. A brown or black is a good basic to have. Add some color to wardrop but adding in different textures and colors .

scarfs are great because they are easy to take on and off. While adding warmth on a cold day they also add interest and texture to the basic tee.

Coat / Jacket

Jean jacket is a great basic go to. It layers with anything .

This are both great examples the beauty a Jean jacket brings to an outfit …………


Depending on time of year boot for winter and Sandles in spring /summer

To top it all off add a cross body or a handle bag. A cross body is my favorite but it doesn’t work with every look

This one happens to be on sale now !

Or, you could opt for a fanny sack like I’m wearing in photo. All of my pieces in this photo are great as well. I love a camel color coat it pairs well with almost anything. A blazer is essential! Don’t forget the final topper is your favorite sunglasses ???? you can see how many items I layered to get this final look! It can be a challenge to find the right pieces but once you have them they can be used in a lot of different ways. Be bold! Find your layering style and roll with it ! Have fun ! Xoxo xoxo ???? jacqleengrace

Ps…… you can shop this whole look in blog at top of this page at Shop my looks also through the app. Thank you for reading and following me…. I appreciate each and everyone of you!

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