I kidnapped my husband, and you should too!

How I kidnapped my husband

After almost 16 years of marriage, raising 2 kids, (that have more personalities then a Broadway performer) a home, owning a business and trying to be a good friend, daughter, sister, granddaughter etc etc ……. it can leave very little room for alone time with your spouse. My husband isn’t the most romantic person by nature. If I’m going to be fair, I’m not either.! So it works for both of us. But, even though we both agree love letters, chocolates, flowers everyday isn’t our love language. We both agree and enjoy a nice getaway. We love nice hotels, great restaurants, and most importantly quality alone time together. WORK FREE !!! And KID FREE!!!!!!!!!No,kid saying I have to go to the bathroom! I don’t like it here! I’m board! Or the my most favorite my favorite the YOU TUBE blasting in the backseat. As parents we love being with our children. But, sometimes a healthy break makes us better people.

For years I wanted my husband to plan romantic getaways and parties for us. He planned a few but they always ended badly. It’s just not his thing. He planned our ten year anniversary trip/party that still lingers as one of worst episodes of our marriage! God bless his heart he tried!!! You live and learn. The lesson i learned ladies is plan your next romantic getaway yourself if your man isn’t good at romance/planning. Believe me you will spark the romance and he will be so overjoyed that you did.

Here is how I planned the kidnapping! I first made sure my husband had no plans on Friday and locked him into agreement to a “date night”. Then I planned hotel, dinner reservations, and in room message ( yes, I said in room messages) all made through hotel desk. I revealed somewhat of my ruff plans Thursday and told him to be ready by noon Friday because we are leaving for a overnight to bodega bay Keeping some details a surprise. He packed a quick bag and I packed a couple large suitcases…….let’s just say I don’t travel lite! (Horrible at packing a suitcase) then we hit the road !

But seriously isn’t this shirt adorable! Get yours here

The drive took about 2 1/2 hours from Sacramento. Not a bad drive. The scenery is really pretty !

Here is a quick clip of the drive:


It’s so nice when you take a drive as a couple, listen to radio, talk or just stare into the abyss and detox life away !

We arrived at Bodega bay Lodge about 4:30 and were so surprised by its quaintness and the sweet seclusion it holds tucked quietly into bodega bay! Isn’t it charming !

We checked into our pretty room. It was equipped with mini bar, fireplace, large walk-in shower, jacuzzi tub.

We got our bags in room and headed to bar for a pre-massage cocktail. At their beautiful bar/restaurant, Drakes fireside lounge. Here is a photo of their cozy bar. We sat right by the fireplace. Let the romance begin!

We ended up moving out to their beautiful fire pits! I finally felt relaxed ! My husband was trying to model his Hungry pecker Brewery shirt! Check it out! A shirt would be a great gift for Father’s Day ? After my husband was done modeling we went to our rooms for a wonderful couples message. Call hotel front desk or spa set up. You can also enjoy also enjoy a massage in their spa.

It was truly a professional and relaxing experience. Our therapist’s were so accommodating to our needs and it was one of the best massages my husbands ever had.

Note: He’s a hard one to please too! We quickly got ready and headed the 10 steps {so convenient} to the lodges beautiful restaurant overlooking the bay. Where we stared into each other’s eyes and fell deeply into each other’s gaze……. just kidding! No, but really it was truly a romantic spot and the bonus was the food! Oh…..my …..gosh …..you guys the food was lick your plate kinda good ! Check out menu here. We had the Artisan cheese plate for an appetizer. The special seafood cioppino soup and split the lava cake. The menu is seasonal, so it will vary.

The next day we woke to the beautiful sunrise and enjoyed a cup of coffee as we got packed up and ready. Before heading out we had a wonderful breakfast at the Lodge restaurant. Also, Very delicious. It gave us a great start to our pending road trip through the Sonoma Valley.

Our first stop was in Sebastopol. It’s a small community just outside Santa Rosa. I was told by a friend to check out the Barlow. It’s an outdoor market place with local wine, beer, food. Very nice! However, this winter they were devastated by a horrible flood and all the business have had to reconstruct structural damage so most of the Barlow was a ghost town. They are rebuilding and looks like it will be back running soon. My heart goes out to all that lost belongings and incomes lost due to the flood. Hopefully, on next trip they will be back in business as usual.

Our next stop:

Santa Rosa: We found this cool spot to walk around and eat it’s called the Montgomery Village Shopping Center very cute outdoor shopping mall. We were able to get our moms some Mother’s Days gifts! Score !

Next stop :


I honestly cannot believe I haven’t been to this adorable town. Where have I been hiding under a rock ! This town is so picturesque, with a old town charm. We felt so laid back there! Great place for the whole family. They have a park in the middle of town where you can lay down a blanket and picnic while you watch the kids play. They have a beautiful mission to tour. We didn’t know where to eat, so we went to the first place we saw. Did we hit it right ! So finger lickin’ good.! We had the ceviche and carnitas tacos check here for location! I’m still dreaming of those tacos today !

Final stop Napa: who goes to Napa and doesn’t drink wine ???? : ME! I never have liked wine. But, I love to shop and Napa has some great shopping and food. My hubby actually got to go shopping for himself at this great store for men in Napa. I had fun styling him…… he loved giving me a fashion show instead of me giving him a fashion show. I enjoyed it !

I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed making this for you all! Remember, be the spark to light your romantic flame! It doesn’t always have to be the man who does it. Believe me he will love you for taking the time to put a getaway together. Hope this road map comes in handy.

Made with xoxo for all of you !


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