My top 5 best accessories to invest in this year on amazon (mostly)

Bag, belt and shoes …… these are a few of the top items that can make or break an outfit. The shoes are for me a game changing part of the outfit. So many times I put an outfit on and if the shoes are wrong then there goes the whole look. In my early twenties I had not received the memo on this important rule and I wore the wrong shoes and if I did have somewhat cute shoes on they were uncomfortable. Invest in good quality shoes they your not going to look cute limping in pain to the party

Now there is a must have spring/summer shoe and fall/winter shoe.

These are all on linked to my Amazon page linked here

These are all on linked to my amazon page linked here

Invest in a good pair of sneakers, nowadays you can wear a tennis shoe with just about anything and it can be dressed up and down. Really a sneaker is an all year round must.

Here are some good options Splurge Option

golden goose

Save some cash and opt for Golden goose dupe

These are not on amazon so I linked it


I love these sneakers they go with everything from yoga pants to jeans

Here are some boot options for fall/winter you can’t go wrong with a bootie they work with jeans or a dress/skirt.

Here are some of my favorite options

these last ones are my favorite designer Chloe knock off booties. I ordered these a month and half ago and they just came in. They come from China. But well worth the wait! So comfy and cute! They really look like the real deal!

Now let’s get to the staples of spring And summer shoes.

These Sandals and are a must have in my opinion they go with everything just like a full covered boots does in the fall/winter.

Flats are a good go to in the summer they literally go with everything. They are a good go-to and all around easy but dressy flat.

Bonus : found these cuties at Vici Dolls last year I loved them! Such fun shoes bonus found them on amazon cheaper ! Yay ???? look on my page under shoes !

Let’s move on to bags:

All around splurge item is a classic monogrammed Louis Vuitton. It goes with everything and changes a yoga pants and sweatshirt into posh going to lunch gear invest in one this year if you have not already. The best bag is actually my next splurge item. The Louis Vuitton never full is a great option.

This one above is used and I got it off of tradsey

You can by new from the Louis Vuitton web site But your local consignment stores, trade sites are a great way to get a discount. This is a classic style

However, If you want the dupe version I will link here and you can find on my amazon page under handbags but, I suggest reading all the reviews first!

For a fun summer bag I found this here I can’t wait to get mine in the mail. !

Belts :

Ok girls belts are important and I love me a designer belt. I promise you will be a next level game changer to any outfit!

Gucci belt:

I love this double G belt makes my outfit at target go to Saks fifth avenue real quick ! Get one won’t regret ! Price tag at 350-400

Now if you want the dupe click here under belts on my amazon page I’ve read great reviews and I just bought one I will let you know how I like 🙂


Right now my go to accessories are a double coin necklace goes with everything I wear mine daily.

Designer dupe initial necklace find it on my amazon page under jewelry

This bracelet is my favorite and very much designer dupe ! Really dresses up an outfit and takes the place of a watch because I don’t wear one usually. Plus, I like easy and this bracelet is easy to put in and off …..bonus!!!!

My favorite new must have accessories is the ubber cute fiddler hats! So on trend with these hats …….They are so cute and make any bad hair day look like a good hair day! I wear them all the time because they are my go to in the hat department. Here are some examples of the very cuteness of these hats ! Look on my hats section on my amazon page.

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