my hair story

Well, I have always been a lover of hair! Yes, HAIR! I have my cosmetology licence but I haven’t done hair professionally in years. I decided to put the sicisors down and focus on my young kids. I actually have no desire to reach back and start doing hair again. However, I still love stylin’ and profile-in’ my own hair.
Through the years I realized that I really needed hair extensions to reach that next level of awesomeness to my hair. I love having extentions because they make your hair so easy to style and look good. I started with clip in hair extensions for years but realized I wanted them all the time. So I was referred to a tape extension guru in roseville her name is Allison sisto in Roseville, Ca
A couple of things that I can’t do with extensions in is get any oil on them! melts the glue! not good! I used morocco oil shampoo on vacation once and my hair was falling out! lesson learned! you can condition but just carefully and using certain shampoo I personally use pureology any of these are fine and safe to use . There’s a lot you can use that are safe but this is what I use and know, but whatever you use just make sure there not oil or condition tape part at root. When I get my hair done you can’t wash for 48 hours. not a big deal. I get new hair every 6 months and it costs about 400-500 depending on amount and length. Every 6-8 weeks I get them retouched and thats 150.00 basically, its like a fill on your hair! Well, it’s not cheap but I think its worth it because your hair always looks good I wake up brush out maybe 5 minutes on styling and done! It saves me so much time and I need to save time being a busy on the go mama! Sometimes I braid my hair night before let out the next day for a awesome bohemian style wave that I love! One of the other reasons I love my extensions is my hair never grew at the ends! I always tried growing it out and I always wanted it longer and it would never grow past a certain point and I figure why not life is short look good while you can. xoxo Jacq

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