My favorite fashion dupes fall 2018

Nothing makes you any happier then saving hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes, glasses, or a handbag. While “duping” all your friends and social scenes into thinking “wow” what does she do at night????? ………….. Uber drive???for that extra cash ! Wait…….What did you think I was going to say ????

Now, before I begin let me just say that some things you have to just save up and buy the real deal. However, shoes, glasses, jewelry are all easily dupable! If the real deal doesn’t have its logo in every corner of it then why not get a great look alike!

Here are my top favorite dupes right now that will have your friends and (sister-in-law’s) green with envy 😉

These boots are actually cuter then the givenchy boots that they copied in my opinion.

Great for fall and winter. With chunky sweaters and they add a fun edge to your outfit! Chinese laundry

My second favorite is a Valentino knock off sandals found on amazon here I mean seriously for a fun flip flop that look so darn close why not …… no one will know !

Next pair of shoes are a OTK boot on amazon that is almost a dead ringer for the Stuart Weitzman lowland boot. These Uber popular OTK boot is a fashion staple but at almost 800 bucks they will send you out on a lot of Uber stops! Try these on amazon save time and gas!

next on my list are sunglasses look at these fun sunglasses on amazon they are a play on the saint Laurent and for like 95% off the original price tag of 420.00 !!! Yikes

I don’t know about you but I lose glasses way to often to risk losing a pair at that price tag !

Have you guys been seeing the cute pins everywhere on clothes like this one on amazon. It literally changes a top Into a designer inspired in a snap! Literally a snap! I posted a photo on my Instagram total shirt game changer!

Last but not least this amazing knock off gucci belt ! I have real Gucci belts but this looks pretty darn close and it literally changes a whole vibe and feel of an outfit! Makes your target shirt and paints look like it came off the Milan runway! Seriously if you can spring for the real deal get this one on amazon it’s cheap and it looks expensive!

Well that’s my favorite designer hacks right now I know there will be more to come Ive always got my eye out for the deals and steals!

I recently came across this awesome designer inspired Dupe! Seriously the real deal is between 400-500 buck! Yikes! Save yourself some coin and get this one.

The hat in photo is by brixton love the color for holidays and beyond great red color

I recently found this designer inspired Hermès bracelet great dupe! Great price! Looks great on the wrist ❤️????

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