My Fav Beauty Products Right Now

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My Fav Beauty Products Right Now

I am working on a post with my every day make up application but I wanted to share some of my go-to beauty hacks. 

I actually own a legitimate professional spray tan machine because I am literally Casper the friendly ghost under my spray tan, but lately I have been using St. Tropez Tanning.  It way easier to DIY than my machine and I feel like I get the same great look!

Color Science Concealer – Sometime I don’t even recognize myself. This stuff is amazing! just get it now!

Mineral Peel Face – This stuff really gets all the make up out from those pores! Whenever I feel like my skin is looking a little dull this is my go-to. Just check out all the other reviews on amazon raving about this product!

Lumify Eye Drops – So I’ve never had someone say wow your eyes look so white, but if you are like me and been beaten down by two kids you’ll just be happy when people don’t say you look tired. I totally notice a difference in the way my eyes look in pictures and IRL. Seriously give it a try!

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