Fall Fashion 90s Trends

For those of us who already lived through the 90s, they’re baack (creepy voice) and not going anywhere! A Freddy Cougar Nightmare for some of us who didn’t think we’d have to relive this but for the rest of you who missed out on the weird interesting fashion time, I rocked them once and I am going to rock it again! 

Top 10 Trends that are back!

  • Corduroy Overhauls –  Corduroy bib overall dress is fashionable this fall. You’ll see me pairing with high boots and a cute wool hat and t shirt.
  • Bell Bottoms– Channel your inner flower child in this 70s trend that keeps coming back. Depending on body time the flare can be a hit and miss. This is a trend I personally love because I am “hippy” pun intended because they balance me out! These birth baring hips don’t lie and I love these high waisted ones from citizens of humanity at Nordy’s
  • Plaid- Skirts and Matching Sets – Can you say Clueless! I channel my inner Cher and love the plaid matching sets and skirts! 
  • Military Boots, High Top Sneakers and Addidas Slides – yass! Link to Sam Edelmans but for another fun look try these Dr. Martens 
  • Choker necklace – they’ve been here for awhile and aren’t going anywhere. A more feminine one can be found here 
  • bandana– madewell at nordstrom comes in all different colors  put in hair around neck or on purse for extra flair !
  • Birkenstocks – Finally fashion meets comfort! I actually found a sister brand to birkenstocks at a carmel boutique and my sister later found them on amazon! I’ll link here to my Papillos 
  • Crop tops– $5.98 at Top Shop right now! 
  • Mom Jeans-levis 501 jeans great look! hip and edgy with a great price point ! ebay
  • Backpacks/fanny packs – I linked the black back pack from vici dolls but look for restock on their whiskey and grey back packs!
Dr. Martens
Vici Dolls Backpack
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