My top 10 favorite beauty items of 2018! Holiday gift guide.

Somehow I picture myself singing on a bed twirling around the room singing Julie Andrews “These are a few of my favorite things” but really, don’t we all feel that excited when we find that perfect product! I know I do. Here is my favorite Make you want to break out in song products. I know that you will love as much as I do.

1. First of all nothing is going to look good unless you have a tan. It acts as a airbrush to your body it blurs out a lot of imperfections and Tan’s just give off a healthy glow. If you are in need of one fast like I always am this stuff is the best. I’ve done a lot of spray tanning and this stuff you can put on at noon and by 5 you have a tan.

2. Kiehls makes some of the best eye cream I’ve ever used. It’s moisturizing and brightening. There holiday pack has a moisturizer, eye cream, face oil and mask for 49.99! You can’t beat that! I use all products and all are amazing!

3. Concealer

By far this is the best concealer I’ve ever used! The reason I give it the best is it’s wedding day makeup staying ! If applied with a beauty blender. Dap, dap, dap! It in around the eyes it actually acts as a foundation as well. Great for layering!

4. Contour

I love to contour this has all you need to achieve that perfect defined look! I love the highlighter and blush color. It’s your one stop shop to contouring.

5. Powder

This powder is the best! This setting powder blurs the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles for an airbrushed finish. Who doesn’t want that !

6. Primer

Before you do any of this prime your face. This is my favorite because my skin is dry so I need the added moisturizer in this primer. If you are dry to highly suggest.

7. Highlighter.

After you contour I like to add as a finishing touch a good bright highlighter on the bridge of my noise and the tops of my check bones. This gives a great illumination to the face and finishes off the contour.

8. Lip liner

My lipstick always look better with a liner. I think of it as coloring a photo, your overall drawing looks better when you outline your photo first before filling in. It also gives your lipstick a good base to grip on to. This lip liner does not move, or smudge! This liner is the best ????

8. face bronzer serum

For the life of me I can never get my face the right shade until I found …………

This stuff not only gets it the PERFECT shade but it also is a moisturizer and anti aging ingredients.

9. The perfect lipliner in my opinion is Urban decay ! I have used Mac lip liners in past years but it always wore off so quick ! I hate that, UD lip liner lasted me all dang day! Wedding day make up everyday. Yay !

10. This is my favorite shampoo . It’s So hard to find a volume shampoo that doesn’t dry out your hair. This makes my hair soft and thicker! Love

Well, this was my list of favorite Sephora beauty product of 2018 Hope you like them just as much as I do!!!

Love xoxo jacqleen

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