Disneyland trip 2018 my guide to a great trip!

Every trip to Disneyland is so exciting! The lights, parades, and of course the rides. But there’s something every body tries to avoid At Disneyland the dreaded LINES !! We all try and plan our fast pasts, maybe even sneak into the single line and pretend you have never seen the person next to you. Yes, we all try and cheat the ride system but I have found in my opinion the best way. Disney private tour! Link here

Photo above: TIm our personal tour guide he directed us through each line. We chose which ride we wanted to ride. Then he puts us right into fast pass line . We didn’t get right to front but close enough. I would say 10 minute wait on each ride. Including the Cars ride ! Yay!!!!

VIP Tour Benefits include:

    • Hassle-Free Planning – Dream your family’s perfect day at the parks, and then “let your concierge be your guide”—designing a customized yet flexible day based on your family’s specific needs and priorities—and even booking your dining reservations in advance!

    • Priority Access – Enjoy expedited access to over 30 favorite Disneyland Resort attractions, Character Greetings and shows!

    • Reserved Seating – Maximize your magic per minute with VIP viewing and seating for select parades, stage shows and nighttime spectaculars.

    • Disney PhotoPass – Get unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads for the day—and share these memories with family and friends! You’ll even be able to access photos taken on select attractions and during select Character dining experiences. Magic Shots are also included.

  • VIP Service – Delight in Disney’s acclaimed hospitality and attention to detail with your own personal guide helping with your needs and entertaining your family with insider tips and stories throughout the day.

Reserve Your VIP Tour Now
To learn more about VIP Tours or to make a reservation, please contact Disney Special Activities at DisneylandVIPTours@disney.com or (714) 300-7710 (Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to email or call.) Due to the popularity and limited availability of this experience, we encourage you to make your reservations early!

We decided to to two days of the VIP tour days. First day was Disneyland the second, Disney California. We let TIm know the most important rides to us and he organized us through the way. It’s for a party up to ten. So two- three family’s can split the cost. Let’s get to the knitty gritty, your probably asking what’s the cost? 6-7 hours will be from 2,500 – 3,000 a day. Remember, you can split this cost with another family or friends. Which make it more affordable.

Here is my family enjoying the parade in the comfort of the VIP seating during a parade. Comes with private tour.

Dining :

Here are my personal recommendations on dining in the park.

For a quick and healthy bite : The Jolly Holiday menu linked here . I like this restaurant the best for a few reasons. First, it’s in a convenient location. It’s Just at the end of Main Street kitty corner to Snow whites castle it is an easy walk to all lands after lunch. Second, they offer some of the most healthiest meals in the park. They also have the best turkey sandwiches !

If you love fine dining like I do, then book a seat at Carthay Circle. I actually thought it was an old theater for years before I realized it was actually a restaurant . The restaurant is all farm to fork so everything is fresh and seasonal. The food is exceptional. It has a very upscale feel but you can dress very casual. Kid friendly. It’s so nice for parents to have some “grown up” time.

Click on link above to get menu ideas.

Disney fashion:

Most important shoes :

In Disneyland there is a ton of walking so bring the right shoes!

My converse ended up being my go to’s most of the trip they did start to hurt at end of the day but that was at 10 plus hours of walking so I think everything hurts by then.

My second go to we’re my adidas swift runs. Really comfy and looks good with almost anything.

Another great Disney shoe is the checkered Vans they go great with all Mickey and Minnie apparel. Don’t hesitate… get them !

Don’t wear flip flops ….. just FYI had to learn that one the hard way 😉

Outfit for the park:

Day one: I wore this cute flannel dress. It was so comfy and cute ! Even if your not going to Disneyland you can wear this on your next date or out running errands.

When I arrived to Disneyland I wore this cute Gucci Mickey dupe shirt.

Vans checkered hat at Tillys and other Mickey items. Tillys has really cute Disneyland apparel only online.

These red jeans are a must ! So comfy ! So perfect for Disneyland.

Where to get your Disney Apparel :

Elias & company in Disney California. Best apparel and most unique,


Hands down stay on property if you like convenience. I stayed off Disneyland property last year and personally hated every moment of it. But, if you have to stay off property then stay as close to Disneyland as possible.

This year we stayed at Disneyland California. We love the location. They do have specials so check in when they come around.

Life Hack tip! Did you know you can amazon now water and food right to the hotel ????

We did, and it saved us a ton of money on water and drinks to take in the park drink in hotel room:)

These overalls in photo : found here

If you do stay at Disney California and you feel like going all out then get the concierge level. You have access to a cafeteria style breakfast. Lunch and dinner . Then you can pack snacks and drinks every morning you can take into the park.

Hair :

Bring dry shampoo! No time for washing hair in Disneyland. You hit the ground running so spray and play ! I use this it has a detox in it and it doesn’t get nasty in your hair. Most leave a nasty build up not this stuff. or bubble braid it ????

nights get cold! In fall and winter in Los Angels so make sure you bring some cute sweaters for layering .

Hope this helps in your journey’s

Xoxo ????


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